Chiles Offshore Named Shell HSE Contractor of the Year

Chiles Offshore was honored at the annual Shell Contractor Conference which focuses on health, safety, and the environment.

There were about 250 people present, mostly CEO's and HSE managers, and all contractors that work for Shell in the U.S. are represented which includes some 76 companies. The companies include rig contractors, boat companies, equipment suppliers, and all other services required to drill and produce oil and gas on land, in deep water, and in shallow water.

Chiles Offshore was selected as the "Shell HSE Contractor of the Year". This is a great milestone for Chiles Offshore. President and CEO William Chiles remarked "We were cited for innovation and leadership in the development of our safety management system and for the results that have been achieved. I could not have been more proud of all of our employees for this accomplishment but, because we are humble, and superstitious about these things, we are re-doubling our efforts on safety starting right now!" Mr. Chiles will visit the Magellan to congratulate the crews and present them with the "Oscar" that was given to them by Shell.