ONGC Suspends Drilling on Jagson Rig

ONGC was forced to suspend drilling of an exploration well in the Tapti offshore in June when the Deep Sea Matdrill tilted 4.5 degrees. "This is a fair amount of tilt," says a source. "One of the reasons could be the strong current at the mouth of the Tapti River," reveals a source. "But it's unusual that this happened before the monsoon set in."

ONGC is discussing options to remedy the situation. "One option is to jack down the rig and reposition it on the same location." Deep Sea Matdrill met with a similar accident while drilling for ONGC during last year's monsoon. "That time one leg was sheared off from the mat. The other two legs had to be cut off and the mat had to be left behind in the retrieval operation." Soon after, Deep Sea Matdrill was sent to Dubai to be fitted with a new mat and returned to work for ONGC in February this year. PetroWatch - "Market Intelligence from the Oil, Gas & Power sector in India"