Sulzer Pumps Wins Petrobras Contract

Sulzer Pumps has received a significant order from Petrobras. This contract involves the delivery of highly engineered centrifugal pumps for a platform offshore Brazil and includes an assisted-operation and maintenance service contract for a period of eight years. The platform is expected to start operations in April 2006. When fully operational, it will collect and transport 40% of the Brazilian oil production. Sulzer is pleased to be selected as the long-term partner for pumping solutions on this crucial offshore facility of Petrobras.

The PRA-1 is a fixed central repumping platform. The project is fully designed by Petrobras and represents an investment in the range of USD 2 billion. It contains an impressive metal construction weighing 18,000 tons and will be installed 115 km off the Brazilian shoreline in 105 m water depth. PRA-1 will receive oil and gas from seven different platforms and repump the products, representing 40% of the Brazilian oil production, onto ships for transport to local refineries.

Petrobras chose Sulzer Pumps as a supplier based on a combined evaluation of technical competence, experience, references, and economic factors.The Sulzer Pumps facilities in Brazil will play a key role in supplying both the new equipment and the associated services.

The production contract involves a total of ten pumps, nine of them supplied with all relevant auxiliaries, including couplings and lube oil units. The pumps are each driven by a 4.2 MW electric motor and will be constructed of highly specialized duplex material.