United Heritage Close to Increasing Production at Val Verde

United Heritage reports that its wholly owned subsidiary, UHC Petroleum Corporation, has begun to successfully inject nitrogen on its leases in the Val Verde Basin located in Edwards County, Texas. The four permitted injection wells passed casing integrity tests as required by the Railroad Commission of Texas. The initial injection tests on the wells indicated an efficiency of 64.8% with well pressures at 15-93 psi.

The impact of the nitrogen injection improved over time. The 72-hour injection tests on the wells indicated an injection efficiency of 79.5% (76,320 scfd or 13,592 barrels of fluid/day equivalent) with well pressures at 12-48 psi, indicating the reservoir is taking the nitrogen very well. No injectivity problems have been experienced to date.

After 96 hours of injection, production wells in close proximity to the injection wells were beginning to experience an increase in bottom hole pressure indicating the reservoir is beginning to fill up.

"The project is going even better than anticipated," said Tobin D. Andrews, petroleum geologist and project manager. "The nitrogen generation equipment is performing to specifications and the reservoir is responding as predicted by the engineering and geology studies. The project is on schedule and should shortly allow us to deliver results. Producers in the field will be staged into production according to the amount of pressure on the well. The company will begin doing production tests on selected wells very soon."