WesternGeco Wins Two Survey Contracts from Statoil

Statoil has awarded WesternGeco a contract for two Q-Marine(a) 4D monitor seismic surveys over the Heidrun and Norne fields on the Halten Terrasse, Norwegian Sea. Both assignments repeat earlier Q-Marine surveys.

"We selected the WesternGeco Q-Technology(a) because of the repeatability provided by streamer steering and minimum azimuth variation between base and monitor surveys," said Erik Havarstein, manager seismic acquisition, Statoil.

The Heidrun project began in mid-June and is repeating a Q(a) baseline survey acquired by WesternGeco in 2001.

The Norne survey will start in mid-July. It will repeat the highly successful Q-on-Q surveys performed in 2001 and repeated in June 2003 after 22 months of oil and gas production. On these data, 4D signal was clearly visible on 2D QC brute stacks only hours after line completion due to the high fidelity of the fully calibrated, steerable streamer acquisition system and deterministic onboard processing.

"Our first Q surveys on Norne confirmed that the repeatability was accurate enough to detect subtle 4D effects, and resulted in changed drilling plans. We expect the 2004 surveys to similarly increase our knowledge of these reservoirs," said Hans A. Aronsen, project leader, seismic activities, Halten-Nordland Area, Statoil Harstad.

The Geco Topaz will again acquire the surveys, towing six 3200-meter cables with 50-meter separation, duplicating acquisition parameters on the earlier surveys.

"Statoil is a pioneer in 4D reservoir applications and we expect that these repeat surveys will again provide the high-resolution data necessary to monitor change in these important reservoirs," said Roar Bekker, manager, WesternGeco Europe.