DWS and Partners Awarded Marine Seismic Project by PDVSA

Suelopetrol C.A. as prime contractor and the only National Seismic Contractor in Venezuela and its partners China Offshore Oil Geophysical Corp., DWS and Cobra Energy Services have successfully been awarded a major 2D marine seismic project for PDVSA, the National Oil Company of Venezuela.

The companies teamed together in a competitive bid for 8,600 kms of 2D seismic including 9,400 kms of gravity, magnetics, deep water bathymetry (3,000 meters plus of water depth) and processing of all data sets.

The vessel Bin Hai (BH) 512 will be used to conduct the survey with an expected start date of September 1, 2001. Completion of survey is expected to be December 2001.

A rigorous HSE audit was performed by two companies (GSR and Rogers Environmental) of which both companies gave a passing grade for the BH-512. A technical audit was performed by ECL, Input/Output and Syntron and the instrumentation was giving a pass grade as well.

DWS and its partners have vessels available in West Africa, South East Asia for 2D and 3D surveys.