BP's Clair Deck Leaves Tyne and Wear

BP's Clair deck left AMEC's Wallsend, Tyne and Wear, yard to begin a two-day journey to her new home 75 kilometers west of Shetland.

Fabrication and integration of deck, which weighs over 11,000 tons, was successfully completed in 18 months by AMEC, who will now carry out hook-up under a £10 million contract. AMEC will assemble the deck on to its jacket and hook up the drilling support module, living quarters, flare stack, waste heat recovery unit and stair towers. Lifting and transport firm Mammoet, who undertook the load-out of Clair at the Wallsend yard, have nominated her for an official world record as "the heaviest object ever to have been moved on wheels on land."

First oil from the Clair field is targeted for late 2004.