Woollybutt Field Step Out Well Spudded

Tap Oil reports that the Scalybutt-1 step out well spudded over the weekend. The well is located in WA-25-L, approximately 1.6 kilometers west of the Woollybutt-2A,ST1 production well.

The Scalybutt-1 well is designed to test the presence of hydrocarbons in the western flank of the producing Woollybutt Oil Field which was discovered in 1997. The Scalybutt-1 well is expected to take 30 days to reach its prognosed total depth.

As an update on production, the Woollybutt Oil Field is currently producing at around 32,000 bopd.

The WA-25-L Joint Venture participants are ENI Australia as operator with 65%; Tap Oil with 15% and Mobile Australia Resources with 20%.