More Seismic Surveys Planned for New Zealand This Year

Over 5200 km of 2D seismic data have been acquired by petroleum explorers in offshore New Zealand waters so far in 2004, 4000 km of which were in the Great South Basin to the south of the South Island.

More seismic is expected to be acquired later this year with Pogo Producing Ltd likely to shoot 3D in its newly awarded permits in the offshore north Taranaki Basin. Pogo could begin acquiring seismic data in the area as early as the fourth quarter of this year, the company says in its latest quarterly report.

The Fugro-Geoteam's Polar Duke seismic vessel undertook 2000 km of seismic for Electro Silica Oil & Gas Ltd to earn 25% in PEP 38215 operated by Bounty Oil in central Great South Basin. The Polar Duke then went on to acquire a similar 2000 km of seismic in the neighboring PEP 38222 operated by Magellan Petroleum Ltd. This meant that new seismic was acquired right across the large Toroa prospect which straddles the boundary between the two permits, as well as over the Tara prospect.

Todd also used the Polar Duke in late-April-early May to collect 630 km of seismic data over its Karewa gas discovery in PEP 38602, 50 km off Kawhia Harbor, and from its two newly-acquired permits immediately to the south of Karewa, PEP 38486 and PEP 38487. Todd’s exploration manager Ken Houlihan said that Todd was looking for similar leads and prospects along the same trend as the Karewa find.

In the neighboring offshore north Taranaki permit PEP 38479, Discovery Geo acquired 200 km of seismic data.

Discovery Geo also acquired onshore-offshore seismic from its offshore Cape Egmont permit PEP 38471 onto its adjoining PEP 38722 onshore permit.

Another 400 km of offshore seismic was collected for OMV New Zealand over its newly-acquired block PEP 38484, immediately west of the Kupe gas field.