Crew of Trident 8 Jackup Safely Evacuated

Transocean Sedco Forex confirms jackup Trident 8 crew safely evacuated and rig secured following incident of community unrest in Nigeria.

Transocean Sedco Forex Inc. today said that an action by a local community group in Nigeria against its jackup drilling rig Trident 8 and the rig's crew ended safely today with the evacuation of all rig personnel on board to Port Harcourt, Nigeria, and the withdrawal of the activists. The incident apparently involved a dispute between the activist group and Shell Petroleum Development Corporation (Shell), who has the Trident 8 under contract.

The activists boarded a Shell production platform and the nearby Trident 8 late in the evening on Thursday, August 23, approximately 10 miles offshore Nigeria. The Trident 8 crewmembers, who were not harmed, were confined to their quarters until their evacuation by helicopter early this morning. The Trident 8 has been secured and remains under contract on location offshore Nigeria.