US-led Air Strikes Hit Islamic State Oil Production in Syria


WASHINGTON, Dec 4 (Reuters) - The U.S.-led coalition carried out 26 air strikes against Islamic State militants on Thursday, targeting oil production in Syria and supporting the Iraqi effort to retake the city of Ramadi, the military said in a statement on Friday.

Coalition aircraft carried out two strikes against an oil field well head near Abu Kamal, Syria, and six strikes against an oil and gas separation plant near Dayr az Zawr, Syria, the statement by the coalition said.

They also carried out a dozen air strikes against Islamic State tactical units in two other Syrian cities on an unusual day when strikes in Syria exceeded those in Iraq. That has happened only twice before since mid-September.

Coalition aircraft carried out six strikes in Iraq, including four against Islamic State tactical units near Ramadi, which Iraqi ground forces are working to free from militant control. The strikes destroyed machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and other weapons, the statement said.

(Reporting by David Alexander; Editing by James Dalgleish)