Millennials in the Workplace

Millennials in the Workplace
Rigzone speaks with a millennial, career and workplace expert about the characteristics of millennial workers.

They like their work-life balance, they enjoy working in groups and they’re eager to learn new skills. These are just a few characteristics of the millennial generation, now the new workforce majority. Integrating the millennial generation of workers into a workplace culture of their older counterparts – baby boomers and Gen Xers – can be a challenge. Many millennials will become our industry’s future leaders and CEOs. And that’s part of the reason why the millennial culture is of interest to employers and recruiters.

Rigzone recently conducted a global survey that explored what millennials think of the oil and gas industry and that insight revealed how this generation of workers differs from older workers. From their differing workplace behaviors and priorities to their values and beliefs, millennials are changing the dynamics of the workplace.

How the industry manages these changes will be paramount for oil and gas companies striving for future success. That’s why it’s important employers and recruiters learn all they can about millennials and how they function in the workplace.

Check out this video to learn more about millennials in today’s workplace.


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Andrea Patai  |  January 02, 2016
They need more Chutzpah and lots of training. They are for the most part useless. No concept of safety, no motivation, and lackluster attention span. I know this how? I have a son, and have worked with these kids. What happen to work ethic? What has happened to realizing that this industry is one gasket from a blowout and understanding the ramifications of QA/QC and safety at each instance. This industry is losing so much knowledge from retirement, companies unwilling to pay for skills and knowledge by maintaining a level of employees who can breathe life into the next generation. Weve also had too many souls burnout from the cyclic nature regarding long term employment being a pharse; you cant at up roots. Its all about the bottomline financially and not those of us working our tales off to provide that COO, CFO, CEO, their profit margins and bonuses. Heck, most of us havent seen av raise or cost of living raise in 3 decades. But, I still believe in teaching at every point in the journey. This industry has been my motive and foundation. I still have a few good years left and will find an employer who deserves 100% of my lamented and OTJT experience to move into the next decades to come. Our industry needs to start at the middle-school and High school levels introducing these fields to all maleable minds in both genders. Keep the passion alive and teach those who ask and keep safety and ethics in the forefront always. Andi
KC  |  October 16, 2015
I have not heard many positive experiences for employers dealings with Millennials. I have been told that business has suffered due to their lack of work ethic, lack of motivation, need for constant baby-sitting, lack of a team focus on success and generally not wanting to work an actual 8 hour day = 8 hours of pay. Personally I have observed this in several of the work places I have visited also. I suppose that the fact that Millennials are somewhat temporarily satisfied with oil and gas is due to their need for instant and high priced compensation, but in the real world, this doesnt exist. Might be why so many are whining now about their falling stock prices, disappearing bonuses and forsaken jobs... Go figure!

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