TDI-Brooks Wins Contract from SCS for Geochemical Work

SCS Corp., the energy subsidiary of Hyperdynamics, has reached an agreement with TDI-Brooks International to conduct the geochemical program to be performed in its concession off the coast of West Africa. The program is scheduled to be completed by late summer.

Neil Moore, president of SCS Corp., stated, "Geochemical core sampling is an important process in exploring for oil and gas offshore. Such sampling is popular today when seismic shows that deep seated faults reach the surface. The detection and analysis of hydrocarbons in the core samples taken on the sea floor narrows the exploration effort to subsurface locations where oil and gas is present. In our own Gulf of Mexico, nearly 100,000 wells are successfully producing today along trends which nicely fit geochemical work that I conducted for a number of producing companies during the 1970s." Moore went on to say, "SCS current seismic exploration offshore Guinea has already located over 100 seeps along fault trends. The current geochemical sampling program is expected to identify the hydrocarbon types present in those seeps."

The company's plan includes acquiring samples from the sea floor where the best trends appear to be developing. It is expected that the results of this work will reveal natural gas and higher carbon content gases. Geoexperts believe that the higher carbon content gases have likely been dissolved in oil at great depths. The geochemical study will also seek to establish the existence of oil within the core samples. The samples will allow us to establish specific hydrocarbon signatures for typing and run carbon dating procedures to establish aging.

TDI-Brooks International was awarded the contract because of their experience in conducting offshore surface geochemical exploration (SGE) and heat flow programs for the world's leading petroleum producers. TDI-Brooks has extensive experience in conducting offshore geotechnical coring/engineering programs, environmental assessments, site surveys and seabed surveys.