Iran, Powers Give Themselves Until Monday For Nuclear Deal


VIENNA, July 10 (Reuters) - Iran and major powers gave themselves until Monday to reach a nuclear agreement, their third extension in two weeks, as Tehran accused the West of throwing up new stumbling blocks to a deal.

Both sides say there has been progress in two weeks of talks, but British Secretary Philip Hammond called it "painfully slow" and he and his French counterpart, Laurent Fabius, left Vienna saying they would return on Saturday.

Having missed a Friday morning U.S. congressional deadline, U.S. and European Union officials said they were extending sanctions relief for Iran under an interim deal through Monday to provide more time for talks on a final deal.

Iran and six powers - Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States - are trying to end a more than 12-year dispute over Iran's atomic program by negotiating limits on its nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief.

The sides remain divided over issues that include a U.N. arms embargo on Iran which Western powers want to keep in place, access for inspectors to military sites in Iran and answers from Tehran over past activity suspected of military aims.

Iran's foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said a deal was unlikely to be reached on Friday and negotiators would probably spend the weekend in Vienna. He sought to blame the West for the impasse.

"Now, they have excessive demands," he said of the major powers' negotiating position.


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Reza tavakolian  |  July 10, 2015
Reza Tavakolian THIS IS IT, this is the time for Iran to realize what I was saying for a long time. Iran can not trust the western nation and specially the Zionist controlled U.S. government. President Obama heart is with Iran and he want a nuclear agreement for the sake of peace, but he is alone. Most member of the Obama administration are member of Zionist club or influence by them and that include John Kerry. Iran must continue this negotiation for as long as possible and insist on the red line that Iranian leader set for a balanced agreement. Iran should by all means necessary show the world that it is negotiating in good faith and put the blame on the western government for refusing to accept a just nuclear agreement. This help Iran to weaken or break the international sanction regime against Iran if this negotiation fail to bear fruit. Iran then must let the west to walk away so they will be the party that left the negotiation table and they will be perceived as the one that tried to dominate the negotiation and force its agenda. It will be perceived as my way or highway mentality by the court of public opinion. After the end of negotiation then Iran can start with full force all 20,000 centrifuges including IR6 and IR8 to enrich as much Uranium and as fast as possible. Meanwhile send the 5000 kilo of 5 percent uranium stockpile which is half of the existing Iranian stockpile with one plane load to North Korea for further enrichment and possibly getting back few nuclear bomb in return. Iran within few months can have a nuclear test and declare herself as a nuclear power. As I explained and write about it many time before this is the only logical and sure way to guarantee the safety and the security of the Iranian nation. All sanction will be lifted as soon as the west realize they lost the game of stooping Iran to be a nuclear power. It happened to Pakistan and north Korea. The world had no choice but accept the reality on the ground. Plus Iran have other options available if Iran possess few nuclear weapons and face the western sanction. Forty percent of the oil consumed by the world must pass through the Iranian territorial water in the strait of Hormuz. If Iran face more sanction , then any nation that participate in the Iranian sanction regime will be sanctioned by Iran and its allies in retaliation . Iran can stop the passage and transit of all merchandise to or from those nation that sanctioning Iran at that point of time. No nation going to risk a nuclear confrontation with Iran in order to further sanction against Iran, because it will be illogical and it can not have a positive conclusion for the participants. Iran can and have the option to easily achieve its goal and be independent and safe for ever if Iran choice this simple strategy. END OF THE STORY.