Weatherford JV Wins Pre-Commissioning Deal Offshore Egypt

Weatherford International Ltd's Pipeline & Specialty Services (P&SS), in alliance with Norson Services Ltd, has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract by Technip Offshore UK Ltd (TOUK) for the provision of pipeline pre-commissioning services as part of the Simian, Sienna & Sapphire Development Project. The contract, which will be managed from project offices in Aberdeen, was awarded to Weatherford Free Zone Egypt in February 2004.

The scope of work includes pipeline flooding, cleaning and gauging, pipeline hydrotesting, and pipeline dewatering / nitrogen packing. Norson Services (PPU Division) are providing innovative submerged flooding (subsea pigging) technology as well as hydrotesting services,

Pre-engineering work is ongoing with the first offshore phase due to commence in July '04 and various operational phases continuing through to October '05.

The Simian Sienna and Sapphire fields in the Egyptian Mediterranean West Delta Deep Marine (WDDM) fields are under development to supply the Egyptian LNG (ELNG) export project.

Development of the Simian Sienna and Sapphire fields will be integrated with the Scarab Saffron Development.

The Simian Field lies 114 kilometers offshore in depths of water nearing 1000 metres. This development includes the laying of an offshore 26" Export Pipeline, a 20" interfield pipeline, 5 No 10" flowlines, 2 No 4" vent pipelines and a 4" glycol pipeline that will be routed directly from the Gas Field to the IDKU gas plant.

The Sapphire Field lies 74 kilometers offshore in depths of water ranging from 300metres to 500metres. This development has a 26" offshore pipeline, 8 No 10" flowlines, a 4" vent pipeline and a 4" glycol pipeline that will be routed, again directly from the Gas Field to the IDKU gas plant.

All the pipelines from both fields are to be linked together using subsea Manifolds and Subsea Distribution Assemblies (SDA) and routed to an existing Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM).

The PLEM is part of the existing Scarab / Saffron offshore pipeline system and it will be used to transport all the gas from the Simian / Sapphire Gas Fields to the onshore gas liquefaction plant at IDKU.