UHC Gets Approval for Nitrogen Injection at Val Verde Basin

United Heritage's subsidiary, UHC Petroleum Corporation, has received a permit from the State of Texas to inject nitrogen for the attempted recovery of a greater portion of the "oil in place reserves" under its leases in the Val Verde Basin located in Texas. This recovery technique may unlock the potential of the Company's Texas property, which has approximately 168 million barrels of oil remaining in place.

The Company has already completed all of the site work, and has a nitrogen generator at the Field. All flowlines, electric line components and controllers have been installed. Well heads have also been installed. UHC is on schedule with the initial phase to have four injection wells and 26 producing wells. The Company is prepared, however, to increase the scope of the first phase to six injection wells and 86 producing wells. The total injection of nitrogen during the first phase can be approximately 100,000 standard cubic feet per day, or the equivalent of 2,900 barrels of fluid injected per day.

"We are excited that we were able to receive approval from the State of Texas so quickly," said Walter Mize, United Heritage Corporation's Chief Executive Officer. "Nitrogen is an inert, environmentally friendly gas, and with the actual injection of nitrogen imminent, we hope to unlock the potential of this Field. We have carefully developed the infrastructure to enhance our probability of success, as we believe that this technique, and the resulting production, has the potential to dramatically change the Company."