TGC Deploys Third Seismic Crew

TGC Industries has continued to experience an increase in demand for its oil and gas exploration 3-D seismic services. The Company has secured a sufficient number of contracts to deploy a third seismic crew. The Company operated with only one seismic crew for 2003 and recently added a second seismic crew on January 14, 2004.

Mr. Wayne Whitener, President and CEO of TGC Industries, Inc. stated, "Oil and gas exploration companies have continued to increase the level of activity in their domestic oil and gas exploration programs. The services provided by the limited number of domestic 3-D seismic crews are in strong demand because of this increase in activity. Though there can be no assurance, should this increased level of activity in the industry continue during the remainder of 2004, management believes the Company will be able to operate at the three-crew level for the remainder of 2004."