Knowledge Systems Introduces Drillworks 2004 Release 2

Knowledge Systems announces its Drillworks 2004 Release 2 software, a Knowledge-Based Drilling solution that ensures wells are drilled with less trouble, reduced cost and increased safety. Geoscientists and drilling engineers at 18 of the top 20 E&P companies already use Drillworks 2004 software and services to avoid kicks, stuck pipe, unneeded casing strings or liners, lost circulation, blowouts, and lost wells.

Drillworks 2004 is an integrated geopressure and geomechanics solution from Knowledge Systems that is helping Exploration & Production companies worldwide improve their drilling success with new levels of risk reduction, cost savings, and drilling performance. The Drillworks solution of innovative Knowledge-Based Drilling software, training, and engineering consulting enables E&P companies to drill deeper, faster, and safer with less trouble and reduced costs.

With Drillworks 2004, seismic, drilling, and geologic data can be transformed into knowledge that operators can use to avoid trouble and reduce expensive non-productive time. Drillworks Release 2 offers significant enhancements to the award winning Drillworks software and advanced new technology including the Drillworks Pressbase database and Drillworks Uncertainty Analysis. Drillworks 2004 Release 2 gives operators the ability to pull together, store, and analyze the large amount of well-and basin-level data required to avoid costly geopressure and wellbore stability problems. As new data is available and wells are drilled, Drillworks captures operator knowledge and provides increased basin-level accuracy to improve future drilling operations.

Drillworks Pressbase is a powerful relational database that allows operators to store and manage their geopressure related data including geophysical data, petrophysical data, and drilling data. Geoscience and engineering divisions can easily store and share data to improve well planning and drilling operations. Drillworks Uncertainty Analysis allows operators to perform uncertainty analysis on geopressure predictions, understand the uncertainty in calculations, and aid decision making for critical well planning, mud, and casing programs.

“Most of the world’s leading operators and service companies have already chosen Drillworks 2004 to analyze geopressures and geomechanics, reduce non-productive time, and improve their well construction programs. Now, Drillworks 2004 Release 2 brings a totally new dimension to this important technology area - the ability to capture essential knowledge in a corporate worldwide geopressure and geomechanics database! In most companies this knowledge and data that impacts drilling and operating costs so dramatically, is found in desks and file cabinets in different offices with little organization. Now, using a geographic interface, this data can be stored and retrieved by any number of criteria in a fully relational database. I believe this development ushers in a new era of dealing with and reducing drilling problems and NPT through the power of computer technology. These databases are destined to become a major corporate asset of great value. The commercial availability of additional geopressure and geomechanical data through organizations such as A2D further enhances the value of the database at minimal cost." James Bridges, Chairman and CEO, Knowledge Systems.