Blowout at Tarantula 1 Well in Perth Basin

Origin Energy reports that there has been a blowout at its Tarantula 1 Well in Production License L11 in the Perth Basin, onshore Australia. At approximately 8.00am (WST) June 10th while performing a routine wireline survey, gas flowed up the drill pipe. Blow out preventers were closed around the drill pipe, but gas continues to flow up the drill pipe to surface. The rig has been shut down and all crew have been evacuated without injury.

Resources have been mobilized to ensure control is restored and impacts minimized.

At 2:10pm (WST) gas and water continues to flow to atmosphere through the drill pipe.

A water deluge system has arrived at the drill site to minimize the risk of ignition.

A procedure is being developed to re-establish control of the well and it is expected this procedure will be completed within 24 hours.