Kongsberg Maritime's Esvagt Gamma on HiPAP Job for DONG

The Esvagt Gamma has relieved Esvagt Observer on a new 3-year firm charter out of Esbjerg with Danish Oil and Natural Gas (DONG) on standby duty at DONG's Siri, Nini and Cecilie fields. In addition to this job Esvagt Gamma will handle the offshore loading system when the oil from the fields is pumped to the tankers. The vessel will also act as a first line oil spill emergency vessel.

Esvagt Gamma will also participate in rig moves in the area and act as supply vessel to the Siri field, meaning that once a week supplies will be loaded in Esbjerg. The ship is extremely suitable for the job. It is equipped with advanced technology and position keeping equipment, which enable the vessel to keep position during bunkering as well as loading and discharging.

The HiPAP 500 proves its superb underwater positioning performance in the relatively shallow waters of the Danish oilfields. This is the 3rd HiPAP 500 system in the Esvagt fleet.