Cairn Announces Test Results from Prospect P Offshore India

Cairn announces that it has completed a drill stem test program on the prospect 'P' oil and gas discovery on Block KG-DWN-98/2 first announced on August 1, 2001.

An upper zone, a 17 meter gross interval of thinly laminated sandstone and shale was perforated, and flowed 3,648 bpd of oil at a flowing wellhead pressure of 1,020 psi on a 40/64 inch choke and with a gas oil ratio (GOR) of 751 scf/bbl.

Following testing of the upper zone, a deeper 7 meter interval of good quality sandstone was perforated with the intention of testing both zones together. However, because of technical difficulties testing of this zone could not be conclusively carried out. Despite this, other data recorded over the deeper interval indicates that it should test at rates higher than the upper zone.

Initial reserve estimates for the discovery, subject to further appraisal, are in the range of 40 to 80 mmb oil and 100 to 200 Bcf gas recoverable.

The Marine 500 drilling rig will now move to drill R-2, an appraisal well on the Annapurna ('R') gas discovery, located approximately 12.5 kilometers to the south-east of the 'P' discovery.