WesternGeco Completes Danish Q-Marine Survey

WesternGeco has completed acquisition of a Q-Marine(a) seismic survey for the Danish Oil and Natural Gas Company (DONG) over the Siri field in the North Sea.

The 128-square-kilometer, high-resolution Q(a) survey was acquired in May over a 1996 heritage survey and will include 4D processing of the vintage data.

"WesternGeco Q-Technology was selected for this monitor survey because of the high activity level in the area where the increased spatial Q-marine sampling could enhance noise reduction," said Jesper Wissendorf Hansen, operations geophysicist, DONG E&P A/S. "Furthermore, the steerable streamers added a safety element to the work around the installations in the area, in addition to the advantage of steering the feather."

The survey was conducted in two phases. First, the Q-Technology(a) vessel Western Pride, towing six 3200-meter cables with 100-meter separation, repeated the 1996 survey. An interleaved pass then increased data density and will be used for enhanced imaging.

"We are pleased that DONG has chosen WesternGeco Q-Technology for the repeat survey of this reservoir," said Roar Bekker, manager, WesternGeco Europe. "The high repeatability and superior resolution of the Q survey will enable improved knowledge of the Siri field."