CGG Launches EYE-D, its Offering of High-End Seismic Service

At the EAGE convention being held in Paris this year, Compagnie Generale de Geophysique announced the launch of EYE-D, its new offering of seismic solutions designed to better visualize (EYE) and understand all the dimensions (D) of hydrocarbon reservoirs in order to deliver the very best seismic data quality to oil companies.

The EYE-D offering brings together CGG's suite of enhanced seismic solutions for application throughout the life of the reservoir. EYE-D is a combination of tools and methodologies offered by CGG's commercial teams in land, marine, seabed acquisition & in processing-reservoir. Each seismic project is unique, requiring a tailored response to overcome the geophysical and geological challenges and meet the specific requirements of each client. CGG has recently developed expertise in high-resolution, 4D and seabed seismic that clearly differentiates its high-end seismic technology from that of the competition.

According to Christophe Pettenati-AuziC(re, Senior Executive Vice President, Services: "The industry is pushing us for better reservoir images and characterization to guide critical decisions on field development and production. Yet each reservoir is to a large extent unique and seismic contractors can no longer rely exclusively on a standard approach. We are launching EYE-D as a label to spearhead CGG's technology. EYE-D is the culmination of the experience and expertise we have gained in this business over the last seventy years and gives us the flexibility to engineer individually each project."