Halliburton Completes Longest HZGP Offshore Brazil

Halliburton Energy Services' Brazilian affiliate, Halliburton Servicos Ltda., recently participated in the successful completion of the longest deepwater horizontal gravel pack (HZGP), placing 75,000 pounds of gravel for an operator in offshore Brazil. The HZGP was completed in an 2,730-ft openhole section in 2,621 ft of water. Despite the long slant section (2,000m @ 60 degrees) and openhole length, installation of the sand control completion was smooth, never reaching more than 10,000 pounds of drag. Halliburton Energy Services is a business unit of Halliburton Company.

"Increasing net reserves through extended-reach horizontal wells can present many challenges to operators in deep water," said Jody Powers, president, Halliburton Energy Services. "The successful completion in this long horizontal section was due to collaborative job planning and execution between Halliburton and the operator. Matching computer simulation, using HzGPSim™ software, to actual job design was instrumental in the successful execution of the gravel pack placement."

Halliburton Energy Services' stimulation and completions product service lines completed the HZGP utilizing their field-proven Versa-Trieve® packer technology, multi-position weight down tool with HZGP pressure maintenance assembly, and Poroplus® sand control screens. The proprietary pressure maintenance assembly provided a continuous flow path through the packer assembly to maintain a constant hydrostatic pressure on the wellbore while running the completion, which controlled the integrity of the borehole.

Spiral centralizers were used to reduce drag during installation and lift the long horizontal screen section off the low side of the hole, thus enabling uniform placement of the gravel pack over the entire interval. After the gravel packing was completed, the lower end screen section was isolated by a proprietary screen plug assembly, which prevents sand production from potentially exposing the lower section of the open hole.

"Halliburton's planning and successful execution of the HZGP has paved the way for future completions in longer horizontal wells," said Halliburton's Roberto Muñoz, division vice president - Brazil. "This technological achievement demonstrated the ability to increase long-term production reliability and net reserves through the uniform placement of a highly permeable sand filter around a mechanical mesh filter over a long horizontal section."