Devon Energy Receives BLM Award

Oklahoma City-based Devon Energy is receiving the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) Director's Four C's award in recognition of its outstanding field operations work in the Worland, Wyoming area.

In announcing the award, BLM's Director Kathleen Clarke stated that, "Devon Energy's partnership with us is a great example of the Four C's in action: consultation, cooperation, coordination, all in the service of conservation. I hope we can take the success we've seen in this partnership and use it as a model elsewhere as well. We look forward to continuing this great partnership for many years to come."

Devon is the largest U.S.-based independent producer of oil and natural gas. The company is the fifth largest gas producer in Wyoming, and the state's fourth largest oil producer. The company's major Wyoming operations are in the Powder River and Washakie basins.

"Devon has made a positive and visible difference in the Fivemile oil field. They work closely with our Worland Field Office and have gone the extra mile in exceeding the required environmental standards. We are proud of their stewardship contributions," said Bob Bennett, BLM Wyoming State Director.

Devon Chief Executive Officer Larry Nichols said, "The Bureau's Four C's award is a great honor for the Worland exploration and production team and it's a gratifying accomplishment for the company as a whole. Our company is committed to good environmental stewardship as we conduct our operations in Wyoming and worldwide. When it comes to conservation of natural resources, cooperation, consultation and communication make good business sense."

The Director's Four C's award recognizes BLM employees and those outside the agency whose actions exemplify in some extraordinary fashion the Department of Interior's Four C's philosophy of "consultation, cooperation, and communication, in the service of conservation."

Devon has repeatedly, and proactively, initiated consultation with the BLM on field-related projects. Devon is an excellent neighbor to other operators in northern Wyoming's Fivemile field, working cooperatively to close old production lines and merging or eliminating redundant facilities. Devon employees have attended all of the annual operator outreach meetings hosted by the Worland Field Office. Devon has carefully avoided important sage grouse nesting areas, replanted trees, and voluntarily installed garbage containers in the Fivemile field to reduce litter along access roads.