DONG to Sell Gas in the Netherlands

On October 1st, DONG will make its entrance into the Dutch gas market with sales of gas to the Dutch energy company Essent.

The gas will be supplied through the new pipeline connection from the Danish Tyra field to the Dutch offshore pipeline system, Nogat. DONG is co-owner of the connection between the Danish gas field and Nogat. For several years, DONG will supply Essent with about 500 million cubic metres of natural gas annually. DONG hopes that the contract can pave the way for more customers in the area.

"We're very pleased with the agreement as it gives us a chance to demonstrate our ability to supply gas to the Dutch customers on favorable terms. At the same time, we'll show our high level of supply security and, in addition, will gain the experience of working with Dutch customers.vThat's necessary in a liberalized European market," says Executive Vice President Kurt Bligaard Pedersen.

In parallel with the first gas contract to the Netherlands, DONG is initiating trading activities at the Title Transfer Facility (TTF) hub in the Netherlands and at the trading hubs Zeebrügge in Belgium, NBP in the UK and Bunde in Germany.