Heerema Tonsberg Begins Fabrication of Ormen Lange Templates

Heerema Tønsberg started fabrication of FMC's subsea templates for the Hydro Ormen Lange project.

Via cutting of the first steel Tom Røtjer (Project Director from Hydro Ormen Lange Project) and Tore Halvorsen (Managing Director from FMC Kongsberg Subsea) initiated the template fabrication on May 18, 2004.

Heerema Tønsberg has been awarded the contract for fabricating the Subsea Template System and PLET BS from FMC Kongsberg Subsea.

Production start of the Ormen Lange field is planned for October 2007. Ormen Lange is the largest gas field under development on the Norwegian continental shelf. It is located 100 km off the northwest coast of Norway at a water depth of 850 to 1,100 meters.

The selected development scenario for Ormen Lange is a subsea tie back to a shore terminal. The initial development will consist of two 8-slot production templates (A & B) located approximately 3.8 km apart. Each production template will produce gas through dual 20" manifold headers. The production headers on template A and B will be connected to the two 30" pipelines by means of 20" tie-in spool system. The two 30" lines transport the well fluid (mainly gas) to the shore terminal.