Fugro Robertson and Fugro-LCT Merge

Fugro Robertson Limited, formerly Robertson Research International Limited, and Fugro-LCT gravity and magnetics, currently sister companies in the Fugro Geoscience Division, are pleased to announce a merger of operations effective June 1, 2004. The merged company will trade as Fugro Robertson, with the LCT gravity and magnetics group operating as an internal division. The merger will enable the full range of Robertson/LCT geologic, geophysical and reservoir engineering products and services to be offered to industry from offices in both Houston and North Wales.

Robertson, with over 450 employees, is an industry leader in geological research and consulting on a global basis since its inception in 1961. The company is a respected leader in the areas of Exploration and Reservoir Services including Biostratigraphy, Geochemistry, and Sedimentology, Basin Studies, Prospect and Field Evaluations, Licence Round Management, GIS and Data Solutions. Fugro-LCT maintains an industry leading status in gravity and magnetics, with full capabilities for the acquisition, processing, interpretation and management of data. The Fugro-LCT software is an industry standard for integrated earth modeling.

The combined entity has a world-leading library of geological and geophysical data and reports including the flagship Tellus product, with comprehensive coverage of every major basin in the world.

Fugro Robertson is part of Fugro's Geoscience Division.