CGG Showcases Seabed Seismic Solution

CGG Services has successfully completed a deepwater seabed seismic acquisition project in the Gulf of Mexico. The project was designed to showcase CGG Services' autonomous node solution for field development seismic. Autonomous nodes were deployed along the Sigsbee Escarpment in a variety of conditions and in water depths ranging over 2000m to demonstrate the effectiveness, flexibility and data quality of CGG's seabed solution.

Jonathan Miller, C.E.O. of CGG Americas stated: "The addition of an integrated autonomous node seabed solution to CGG Services' seabed cable solutions allows us unprecedented flexibility in customizing solutions to our clients' needs. Our integrated seabed offerings build on CGG's strengths in management of complex, multidisciplinary acquisition projects and on our leadership in multicomponent and wave equation processing. We are excited to offer new solutions which will bring dramatic improvements in quality and reliability of seismic data at a time when our clients require improved imaging and reservoir characterization for subsalt field development and critical production decisions."