Micron Enviro Systems Excited About Manahuilla Prospect

Micron Enviro Systems reports that the petroleum engineer for the Manahuilla Prospect in Goliad County, Texas, has provided this following update on the status of the BB Gayle #1 test well. "The BB Gayle #1 well was drilled, logged, and has casing set on it. The target formation, Yegua, was encountered from 6,150 ft to 6,798 ft. 4 1/2" casing was set from 7,000 ft to surface, and was cemented with an estimated cement top at 5,000 ft. There were many gas shows while drilling, along with many small drilling breaks (8"-12") indicating a laminated sand and shales. When the Yegua was first penetrated the mud was gas cut from 14.5 lb/gal to under 9.0 lb/gal, with over a 900 unit gas show. Based on the log analysis there appears to be over 60 ft of net pay. The completion plans are to perforate 60 feet of net pay. A 2 1/8" strip gun, with 6 shots per foot will be used. The zones will be perforated under-balanced by over 2,100 psig, with a deep penetrating gun. This will provide for a good cleaned up completion, with no near wellbore damage. The well is scheduled to be perforated and tested on Friday, June 4th. Expected flow-rates are 1.5 to 4.0 MMCFD, along with a 100-200 bbl of condensate per day."

Bernie McDougall, president of MSEV stated, "If this well flows at the rates the petroleum engineer expects, then this will be the biggest well that MSEV has ever been associated with. If this first well is successful, then it is anticipated that a further 10-12 wells would also be drilled on this prospect."