Consent Granted for Partial Removal of Frigg Installation

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA) has granted Total E&P Norge its consent for partial removal and disposal of the installations on the Norwegian part of the Frigg field. The plan is to stop production from the field on July 1, 2004, clean the production equipment and remove parts of the installations.

The consent is granted based on the company's document "Frigg Field Cessation Project – Health, Environment and Safety Master Document".

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway, the Norwegian Board of Health and the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority consider this document to be the application for consent for the first phase of the Frigg removal project.

On the British side, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has accepted the document as a replacement for the HSE Abandonment Safety Case.

The following installations on the Norwegian side are affected: Treatment and Compression Platform 2 (TCP2), Drilling Platform 2 (DP2) and Drilling Platform 1 (DP1).

Treatment Platform 1 (TP1), Quarters Platform (QP) and Concrete Drilling Platform (CDP1) are situated on the British Shelf.

CDP1 was shut down in 1990.

DP1 sank during installation in the autumn of 1974. It was decided that the wrecked installation would be left in place until the field was shut down and the various installations disposed of.

The process equipment will be cleaned after shutdown. After this, most of the auxiliary systems will be taken out of operation. The safety systems will be shut down when potential dangers have been removed.

As many as 113 persons will be working on the field during removal of equipment in this phase.