EPL Chairman Enters Into Stock Transaction

Energy Partners, Ltd. (NYSE:EPL) announced that Richard A. Bachmann, EPL's Founder, Chairman, President and CEO, has entered into a Forward Purchase Agreement for approximately 586,000 shares of EPL common stock. The transaction is essentially a forward sale of EPL shares with the retention of a portion of the future upside interest by Mr. Bachmann should EPL's stock price increase over the next three years. Mr. Bachmann is entering into the transaction to meet liquidity needs in connection with a recently finalized divorce settlement.

The shares covered by this transaction represent approximately 22% of the total number of shares of EPL common stock beneficially owned by Mr. Bachmann. Following the transaction, Mr. Bachmann will remain the largest non-institutional holder of EPL common stock, with 2.1 million shares, or 6.3% of the currently outstanding shares. Mr. Bachmann will retain the right to vote all of the shares covered by the transaction during the three-year period until the contract settles. In connection with the contract, Mr. Bachmann is filing a Form 144 with the Securities and Exchange Commission in compliance with Rule 144.