MD Totco Delivers New Technology to Manage Drilling Process

Varco International announces that its MD Totco subsidiary will deliver three new exclusive enhancements in June 2004 designed to advance the drilling process and help customers better manage their drilling business.

HealthChecks(TM) remote diagnostics provide the capability to detect potential rig equipment problems before they occur. WellData/RT (Real Time)(TM), which provides an up-to-the-second view of drilling operations to remote users, raises the bar in drilling operations management, efficiency and profitability. DrillWell(TM) is a business solution that allows drilling contractors to better manage safety, payroll, maintenance and other operations in a more profitable and efficient manner.

"With our RigSense Rig-Site Information System running on rigs all over the world, MD Totco has added the ability to take data and information back to the office and streamline critical business processes such as drilling project status, payroll and safety information," says Terry Tarvin, vice president and general manager of MD Totco. "We are focused now more than ever on our customers' business needs, as we meet regularly with them to make sure we continue delivering value-added solutions that also strengthen our lead in the drilling and exploration instrumentation field."

When rig equipment instrumentation starts to deliver a questionable reading, HealthChecks remote diagnostics is capable of identifying the problem before failure occurs down to the part number level. MD Totco's new 24/7 Service Center can then notify the rig or a service technician to attend to the situation without stopping the drilling operation.

MD Totco's WellData(TM) Web Site Information System provides immediate secure accessibility to a rig's process information from remote locations via an Internet connection. With the new WellData/RT option, drilling engineers, project managers and other remote users can watch key variables of the drilling process on configurable screens as they change instantaneously at the rig site. This capability enables customers to respond to critical situations with current information and reach decisions faster, yielding a more efficient drilling business.

With DrillWell(TM), RigSense, and WellData, Drilling Contractors are now equipped with a business activity management system that provides an immediate view of critical operations. Rig data and reports on drilling activities from the RigSense system are sent to the office via WellData and are auto-populated into business-critical applications such as payroll or summarized into management reports for safety, maintenance and cost control. The DrillWell system operates behind the Drilling Contractor's firewall, and ensures that personnel have fast and secure access to drilling project status, payroll, and safety information to enhance their business processes.