Sonoran Begins Evaluation of Louisiana Re-Drilling Program

Sonoran Energy has commenced a full evaluation of a re-drilling program for its Louisiana oil and gas properties. In January Sonoran Energy purchased an 87 percent working interest in approximately 15,000 acres in the Vernon Parish in Louisiana.

The evaluation of the re-drilling program is being conducted by Sonoran Energy's operating services affiliate Scottsdale Oil Field Services. The evaluation will include further risk analysis, reserve evaluation and program costs. The intent of the re-drilling program would be to increase production from the properties with proven reserves of 1.6 million barrels of oil and 12.1 BSCF of gas (2 million BOE).

"We are looking forward to completing a thorough evaluation of this project and developing an aggressive drilling and work-over plan for the property," said Peter Ostenfeld-Rosenthal, Sonoran Energy President and CEO. "The initial production estimates indicate a low of 180 barrels a day to a high production estimate of 500 to 1000 barrels a day. If the results of the complete evaluation are favorable the re-drilling program would commence immediately. The evaluation will also explore the use of advanced North Sea chalk techniques to boost production of the Louisiana properties."