National Oilwell Introduces the Ideal Rig System

National-Oilwell, Inc. has launched marketing of its Ideal™ Rig System, purpose built for the North American land market, and designed and manufactured to achieve extraordinary gains in drilling performance, safety enhancements and economic efficiencies. The Ideal™ Rig, which is rated 1500 HP and can drill up to depths of 18,000 feet, encompasses a wide array of features and benefits.

  • Applies some of the latest technology in drilling operations, such as disc brakes, large mud pumps, more advanced solids handling and drilling controls.
  • Employs conventional, reliable SCR technology widely employed by North American drilling contractors and readily serviced anywhere in the field.
  • Highly mobile -- up to 40% fewer truckloads are required to move the Ideal™ Rig, compared to a conventional, older rig design.
  • Mobilization time can be reduced by up to 50%. The mast and substructure can be raised to ready-to-drill position before any other rig up is completed. Mobile cranes are not required to assemble the rig for drilling operations.
  • Enhanced safety features including low-set drawworks. All assembly labor is performed at ground level with more inherently safe assembly techniques.
  • Zero liquids/fluids discharge from all systems during normal operations for environmental protection.
  • Traditional National Oilwell quality, reliability and support through our worldwide network of parts and service locations.

  • The Ideal™ Rig offers a level of standardization that will reduce capital costs, minimize maintenance and service expense, and simplify training while enhancing safety. The optimized rig up and mobilization design ensures fewer non-productive mobilization days, directly translating into more revenue days with the potential to drill an additional well per year.

    The Ideal™ Rig is volume priced at $6.9 million. Contractors may choose to use already owned drill pipe, BOP stack and top drive, or purchase these items new for an additional investment of less than $2 million. We believe that this pricing combined with the enhanced revenue potential offers drilling contractors the economic justification to replace older, less efficient rigs.