BJ Completes SET Operations in Middle East and Asia

BJ Tubular Services has successfully completed several expandable casing-running operations for Enventure Global Technology's Solid Expandable Tubular (SET) Systems on behalf of several major operators in the Middle East and Asia.

BJ Carries Out Expandable Casing Running Operations in Saudi Arabia & India
A contract from a major operator in Saudi Arabia required BJ to supply torquing and handling equipment to run Saudi Arabia's first expandable casing installation in ANDR-497, a horizontal reservoir producing well located in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. Working from rig 153, BJ ran a 736-ft length of Enventure's solid expandable liner system into the well. The 5-1/2-inch system was then expanded by Enventure into the 7-inch base casing, effectively isolating the Arab-D gas cap.

Given the success of the operation, this Saudi Arabia operator has awarded an additional contract to BJ to supply torquing and handling equipment to carry out further expandable casing make-up operations on five of its slim wells in Saudi Arabia. As with the first operation in Ain Dar, BJ will utilize dedicated personnel and a specialist suite of equipment developed specifically for the make-up of expandable tubulars. This equipment is maintained in Dammam at the BJ Tubular Services base of operations.

BJ has also provided expandable casing make-up services in India's first SET operation in India, which was carried out for Enventure on behalf of a major operator. The expandable tubular systems were successfully made up by BJ for two wells from the SP Platform located in the Mumbai High South Field offshore India.

Business in Indonesia Continues to Thrive
In 2003, BJ Tubular Services successfully made up and ran solid expandable tubulars to desired depth on behalf of a major operator in Indonesia. Expansion services were then carried out by Enventure on wells Gehem #1 and Gehem #2 in Balikpapan, Indonesia. BJ provided the services to make up and run in 1,861-ft. 7-5/8" x 9-5/8", 948-ft. 9-5/8" x 11-3/4, and 2,760-ft. 13-3/8 x 16" SET systems, respectively, which were expanded against 9-5/8", 11-3/4" and 16" base casings. Further projects for this operator scheduled to commence later this year are currently in the planning stages.

"By using BJ Tubular Services' specialist non-marking solid expandable tubular handling system to ensure that the tubulars weren't damaged during make-up, we contributed to the success of these operations in India, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia," Neil Gordon, general manager of BJ Tubular Services. "Overall, we are pleased with these outcomes, and look forward to utilizing this very effective handling system again on behalf of operators around the world," he added.