Sonoran Forms Consortium for Mid-East Oilfield Development

Sonoran Energy has assembled a consortium of International companies to pursue development of several large oil fields in the Middle East. The consortium, which includes Sonoran Energy, COWI, and France's Eurovia, plans to conduct feasibility studies of selected oil fields in the Region.

"This strong group of companies has the clout to undertake a comprehensive survey of the targeted oil fields," said Sonoran Energy Chief Executive Officer Peter Ostenfeld-Rosenthal. "We now have two influential partners in place to make full development of these fields possible including international multidisciplinary consultant COWI and Europe's largest road construction company Eurovia."

The consortium will immediately commence an extensive survey of several identified fields in the Region. The study will explore a number of areas including the feasibility of refinery location, transportation routes and economic viability of the targeted fields.

COWI, a leading European consultant, provides multidisciplinary consulting services in the fields of oil & gas, infrastructures, engineering, environment and economics. COWI operates worldwide and has offices in 35 countries and has worked with oil & gas and infrastructures in the Middle East for the last 40 years. Its oil and gas experience includes upstream and down stream projects, pipelines, marine ports, buildings and roads in the Middle East. In addition COWI focuses on due diligence (i.e. consultancy about environmental and technical conditions and financial risks related to purchase and sale of companies and sites).

Eurovia, the leading roadworks company in Europe, operates in 18 countries. Specializing in road and industrial surfacings (hot mix, concrete pavements, asphalt, resins), Eurovia designs, builds and maintains road infrastructure, carries out urban infrastructure projects and contributes to the installation and expansion of industrial and commercial facilities. Eurovia is the European leader in asphalt and concrete road construction. With a network of nearly 800 industrial units, Eurovia is now the leading French producer of road aggregates and the leading European producer of recycled materials.