Norsk Hydro Makes Oil Discovery Offshore Norway

Norsk Hydro, the operator for the Brage field (production license 053B in block 31/4), has proven a new, minor oil zone that lies at a deeper stratigraphic level than the main reservoirs on the field. The discovery is in sandstone of the Jurassic Age (Brent, Ness sandstone). This reservoir is either filled with water or has disintegrated in other places where it has been tested on the Brage field.

The oil was proven during drilling of well 31/4-A-30 B. The purpose of the drilling activity was to secure stratigraphic control. Preliminary calculations initially show a little less than one million Sm3 of oil. There is a potential for a further increase in the volume, depending on the size of the reservoir. The discovery thus represents an interesting addition resource that can quickly be tied in to production.

The Brage discovery is covered by the unitization agreement, with the following licensees:

Norsk Hydro Produksjon AS 20%
Paladin Resources Norge AS 20%
Esso Exploration and Production Norway A/S 16.4%
Petoro AS 14.3%
Statoil ASA 12.7%
Eni Norge AS 12.3%
OER Oil AS 4.4%