The Truth About Launching a Career in the Oil, Gas Industry

The plain and simple truth about landing your first full-time job in the industry is − well, it can be tough! It might take time, maybe as long as two years, but it will eventually happen for you. We live in the Internet age where we expect everything to happen instantaneously, but that’s not how things happen in the oil and gas industry. It takes time to gain hands-on work experience, so when searching for a job, keep these pointers in mind.

The Three P’s

To survive the interviewing and hiring process, adopt these “Three P’s”: Patience. Persistence. Perseverance.

PATIENCE is needed during the interviewing process. No one wants to take weeks to make a hiring decision, but that’s the reality of working in large organizations. Patience is also needed when trying to land that first job, since on average, it takes 18 months to two years. Many applicants throw in the towel and elect to go back to school for additional or higher degrees; although this can seem logical, it only extends the “time-to-hire.”

PERSISTENCE is necessary for success. However, it can be a double-edged sword, so be careful. When too persistent, one can become irritating to recruiters, but when applied appropriately, it’ll make a positive impression on those responsible for hiring. Don’t give up when you don’t hear back about your application or interview right away. Call after a week and remind the recruiter or interviewer that you are interested in the position and look forward to learning the final decision. It’s acceptable to send an email to keep your name in the front of their minds. Just don’t do it with such frequency that they never want to see your name or hear from you again.

PERSEVERANCE is oh so necessary. Do not give up! Don’t let the first, second, third or even fourth “no” discourage you. It will be hard not to, but this isn’t personal; this is business. It may be that you are simply not the right person for the job. You may look like the best candidate on paper, but the job may already be reserved for an existing employee. You have to reassure yourself that you are worth hiring and that the right opportunity will come along. Just keep looking for opportunities that will get your foot in the door. Your first job may not be the one you’ve dreamed about and to be honest, it shouldn’t be. You’re just starting and paving a career path. Your dream job will present itself one day, but at this point, be flexible and turn any opportunity offered into a chance to learn a new skill and gain valuable experience. Your flexibility will pay off in the long run.

Sources: Dan Scott, Baker Hughes and Jen Schamble, Rigzone


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