Statoil Celebrates 5-Year Production Anniversary from Asgard

May 19th marks five years of production for the Asgard A ship in the Norwegian Sea. Revenues from the asgard field passed NOK 90 billion in April.

Early in May last year, even before four years had passed, revenues exceeded the total investment in the Asgard chain of NOK 65.7 billion.

The investments have covered the Asgard A production ship, the Asgard B platform and the Asgard C storage ship, as well as the subsea systems with 52 wells spread over 16 templates. The chain also includes the trunklines which lead from Asgard B via the Karsto gas processing plant north of Stavanger to Dornum in Germany.

"I'm very pleased with the job which has been done," says operations vice president Olav Skotheim.

He mentions a good working environment and efficient teams of workers as some of the success factors and adds: "Their efforts command respect. We must admit that we've had demanding years with considerable challenges, but we now have good, stable production."

Since start-up in 1999, 46.5 million cubic metres of liquid have been produced from the Asgard field - 240 million barrels of oil and 54 million barrels of condensate.

Output from Asgard A is now high and stable, with some 120,000 barrels of oil produced daily and transported from the field in shuttle tankers.

Asgard B came on stream on October 1, 2000. Up to 42 million cubic meters of rich gas are piped daily to Karsto, while condensate is transferred to Asgard C.