Schlumberger Deploys Advanced Satellite Network to Newfield

Schlumberger Information Solutions has successfully implemented a high-speed Internet Protocol (IP)-based network solution known as IPoVSAT (Internet Protocol over Very Small Aperture Terminal), to support communications for Newfield Exploration Company's offshore oil and gas exploration and production operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

"One of our founding principles is the application of technology while maintaining an independent's low cost structure and mindset," said Mark Spicer, IT manager, Newfield Exploration. "We wanted to rationalize the number of different network providers we were using in the Gulf. The goal was to provide advanced voice and data communications at a reduced cost. The IPoVSAT solution allowed us to meet these goals."

Schlumberger IPoVSAT technology provides improved, two-way email and Internet-based communications across a satellite network using a cost-effective method of sharing network capacity, so that users can conveniently communicate to and from remote locations in any way they choose. IPoVSAT optimizes the amount of bandwidth being used by sharing capacity among other remote users through an advanced Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) based architecture, a leading industry standard for wireless communications.

"Normally, Internet-based communications within a satellite environment has been a challenge especially for the oil and gas industry," said Jean-Michel Rouylou, vice president, Schlumberger Global Connectivity Services. "There have been other attempts to deliver Internet protocol (IP) over satellite, but most satellite technologies are more suited to voice traffic and are not cost-effective for the full range of available Internet communications."

With IPoVSAT, Schlumberger provides oil and gas operators working in some of the most remote areas of the world with a reliable satellite connectivity solution to facilitate remote communications. The technology expands beyond traditional voice-over-satellite connections, allowing users to use email, the Internet and video across a more efficient remote communications platform.

To support IPoVSAT and the latest high-speed broadband-on-demand communications across North America, Schlumberger operates a dedicated satellite teleport in Sedalia, Colorado, bringing users in the Gulf of Mexico and the central regions of the U.S. a seamless, secure connectivity solution, regardless of location. Schlumberger also operates seven satellite teleports around the world to support its range of connectivity services, and produces its own stabilized satellite terminals in Aberdeen, Scotland.