Trinidad Drilling Launches New Land Rig

Trinidad Drilling launched its 5th rig in Edmonton this week. Rig 12 is the fifth Rigmaster P-300 Trinidad has commissioned since January 2001, effectively doubling the size of the company in seven months. The rig was designed and built in Edmonton by Rigmaster to Trinidad's specifications. The rig will operate in the central Alberta area.

"This launch signifies a major milestone for Trinidad Drilling," says Michael Heier, Chairman and CEO of Trinidad, "When we went public October 11, 2000 we said we would build and deploy five new rigs. We've done that. We've delivered on our promise."

Trinidad has improved upon the typical 1,400 m single rig with their new-generation Super Single, rated for a drilling depth of 1,800 m. This mobile drilling rig is more versatile, more efficient and more cost effective than many of the existing doubles currently in the field. In fact, the typical 1,200 - 2,000 m double takes 12-18 truck loads to move, whereas the Trinidad Super Single can be transported to the field in 10 loads. Fewer loads means less time to transport the rig and less cost to the oil company for whom the rig is commissioned. "We are supplying versatile equipment for a segment of the market which previously had very little competition," says Mr. Heier.