EMPS to Add State-of-the-Art Fast Crew Boat to Its Fleet

EMPS has commissioned Seaspray Aluminum Boats Emirates of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to construct a new state-of-the-art 33 meter fast crew boat for use in the Company's offshore oilfield services operations. When completed the crew boat will be used to transport the personnel of oil and gas exploration and development companies to offshore facilities in the north Caspian Sea. The crew boat will provide "business class" seating facilities for up to 70 passengers and will have a cruising speed of 28 knots. The crew boat will have deck cargo hauling capabilities and will be equipped with a fire monitoring station that will allow it to provide standby emergency services to oil rigs in the region. Company COO, Paul Roberts, said, "the new fast crew boat represents the first of its kind in the Caspian Sea. Currently rapid crew transportation needs are met by helicopter, which is expensive and can be limited by weather conditions. This fast crew boat will allow us to offer more cost effective, less weather-dependent fast crew and cargo transportation capabilities of the highest standards. It also confirms our commitment to expand the range of offshore oilfield services we can provide."

The crew boat is expected to be in Kazakhstan and ready for operations by the commencement of the 2005 work season. With the addition of the crew boat the Company will have seven vessels in its fleet.

In addition to its vessel fleet, the Company provides other oilfield services such as lodging and fresh water in the port of Bautino. The Company maintains corporate offices in Salt Lake City, Utah, Almaty, Kazakhstan and Aktau, Kazakhstan.