Trident 9 Sets New Records in Vietnam for JVPC

The jackup rig Trident 9 has achieved the fastest drilling performance in the history of the Japan Vietnam Petroleum Company (JVPC) in three sections of a record well that included the deepest basement drilling offshore Vietnam.

The performance by the Trident 9 team resulted in a time savings of 30 days to complete the well. The well was completed in 59 days, compared with the client's AFE of 89 days.

The Trident 9 team reached a measured-depth of 19,522 feet (5,950 meters) on JVPC's RD-16X drilling campaign. JVPC's General Director Shiro Takahashi, in a letter of appreciation, noted that crewmembers set new benchmarks for JVPC, such as drilling the 17-1/2-inch section and setting 13-3/8-inch casing with an overall average of almost 1,007 feet (307 meters) a day. Another record was drilling the 12-1/4-inch section and setting 9-5/8-inch casing with an overall average of almost 890 feet (271 meters) a day.

The Trident 9 team also had JVPC's best bit run in the tough granite basement section at 1,276 feet (389 meters), with a rate of penetration of 34 feet (10.5 meters) an hour.

All of Transocean's clients in the Thailand/Vietnam District continue to concentrate on rig performance and delivering wells safely, on time and on budget. This focus is in line with Transocean's goal of setting and achieving performance benchmarks. The Trident 9 is a great example of all personnel associated with the rig working together, from JVPC to the rig crew and other subcontractors, to make the most of recent upgrades and deliver record results.