Sonoran Energy Submits Application Iraqi Drilling Contracts

Sonoran Energy's President and CEO Peter Ostenfeld-Rosenthal revealed that the Company has submitted an application for two drilling and completion contracts to Iraq's State Company for Oil Projects (SCOP). The drilling contracts include the completion of 60 wells, and the drilling and completion of 46 additional wells in Iraq.

Sonoran Energy made the formal submission to the Ministry of Oil and to SCOP, which operates the design and engineering of upstream and downstream projects in Iraq. The application by Sonoran Energy was made in conjunction with the Company's operating services affiliate Scottsdale Oil Field Services, Ltd.

"We are extremely pleased to make this formal application for a significant oil and gas project in Iraq," said Peter Ostenfeld-Rosenthal President and CEO of Sonoran Energy. "While the situation in Iraq remains volatile, we continue to make progress and expect to be in a position to announce more oil and gas related projects in the near future."