Austral Pacific to Flow Test Cheal-A3X

Austral Pacific Energy Ltd advises that electric logging of the Cheal-A3X well has been completed and the results reviewed. The decision has been taken to case the well in preparation for production testing; and casing running operations are now underway.

Two separate zones will be flow-tested in the well.

Urenui sandstones over an interval of some 40m (120 feet) below 1400m (4600 feet) along hole, are similar to, but more extensive than, those already tested in the nearby Cheal-1 well which flowed at rates of around 50 barrels per day.

Mt Messenger sandstones over an interval of some 45m (150 feet) below 1760m (5,800 feet) along hole, are similar to less extensive sands in Cheal-1 which also had log indications of oil charge, but weren't tested. The Mt Messenger sandstones in Cheal-A3X appear to be of similar quality and extent to typical Mt Messenger producer wells in the Ngatoro and Kaimiro oil fields.

Testing operations are scheduled to commence within two weeks, after onsite pipe-work installation has been completed.

The wellheads of all three wells, Cheal-1, Cheal-2 and Cheal-A3X are on the same site, and a common oil separator system on site serves all three wells.