Production Begins from Linda-3 Well Offshore Australia

The Harriet Joint Venture reports that the Linda-3 production well began production on April 26th. The well is located in TL/1 offshore Australia.

The Linda gas and condensate field was discovered in July 2000 by the Linda-1 exploration with a net hydrocarbon pay of 90.1 meters and appraised in April 2001 by Linda-2 with a net hydrocarbon pay of 34.3 meters. The Linda field is a purely stratigraphic trap within the Biggada 'A' Sandstone. Reservoir quality of the Biggada Sandstone is moderate to good and was production tested on discovery of 50.1 degree API condensate.

A field development was proposed and received Joint Venture sanction in early 2003. The cost of the Linda development, including the first well, was around A$50 million

The development concept consists of a six slot platform located to allow development of Linda by 2-3 wells. The platform has been positioned to allow development of the adjacent Rose and Lee gas/condensate fields and other exploration prospects in the area.

The Linda-3 development well was completed as a short horizontal into the crest of the field. The Linda platform is tied into the Campbell/Sinbad pipeline to Varanus Island.

Current Production
The Linda field is temporarily shut in awaiting a repair to the well head choke. Prior to this, the Linda-3 production well was flowing at a rate of around 57 million scf/day with associated liquids of around 2,700 bbls of 50 degree API condensate per day.

Maximum deliverability from the one well is estimated at around 110-120 mm scf/day.

The field is expected to be back on production by May 9, 2004. Harriet Joint Venture Participants are Apache as operator with 68.5%: Kufpec with 19.2771% and Tap Oil with 12.2229%.