Schlumberger Delivers Modular Subsea Solutions

Schlumberger Oilfield Services announced the availability of Subsea Production Assurance services for optimizing subsea field productivity. The service applies the organization's project management, systems engineering and technology expertise to the design of integrated, modular subsea systems suited to all phases of field development.

This comprehensive approach ties the reservoir, wellbore, subsea and surface processing facilities into one complete network -- pore to process -- that leverages real-time data monitoring and system control.

"Subsea Production Assurance services address the industry's need for complete, yet modular designs that meet a wide variety of subsea system needs for the lifetime of the reservoir," said Zaki Selim, president, Well Completions & Productivity, Schlumberger Oilfield Services. "Through these services, operators can experience improved productivity from existing or new developments via enhanced monitoring and control of the entire subsea system. Additionally, a variety of subsea systems can interact seamlessly at optimized transmission rates."

Flow surveillance, boosting and assurance services form the core of the Subsea Production Assurance offering. Flow surveillance provides an open and scalable communications and control network, compliant with industry standard protocols, and ready for both current and next generation subsea and downhole devices including fiber optic sensors. Flow boosting ensures optimal use of lifting and pressure boosting technologies to maximize field deliverability. Flow assurance uses advanced fluid sampling and analysis to optimize total productivity from pore to process.

Through Subsea Production Assurance services, real-time data acquired from pore to process is analyzed and modeled in a timely fashion, which reduces operational risks while maximizing productivity. A newly introduced Subsea Monitoring and Control (SMC) module enables the flexible, robust capability of Subsea Production Assurance solutions.

The open, or plug-and-play, SMC system is Intelligent Well Interface Standard (IWIS) compliant, so instrumentation and control modules from Schlumberger and third parties can interact seamlessly. This module mounts on a Christmas tree or manifold and interfaces with a traditional production control system or operates on a dedicated surveillance communication line to host.

Two major advantages of a separate surveillance and control system are that its operation does not affect the existing infrastructure, and when desirable, it can be upgraded without interrupting production.

This system can provide wide bandwidth capability via fiber optic over which real-time production monitoring and control data can pass at optimal transmission rates for analysis, ensuring that the data is moved reliably and appropriately referenced.

The SMC system supports the core Subsea Production Assurance functions of surveillance, flow boosting and flow assurance. Subsea Production Assurance services are enabled by an abundance of Schlumberger subsea experience and technologies.