McLaren Wins Software Contract for Horizon Oil Sands Project

Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL) will deploy McLaren Enterprise Engineer software to manage the engineering documents, drawings and associated business processes on its $8 billion Horizon Oil Sands Project.

With more than thirty-five Engineering Contractors engaged on the project, McLaren's software will control the delivery and ongoing management of Horizon's extensive engineering content, including CAD drawings and associated reference materials, and other project documents. Up to 1,000 end-users will have access to information, including CNRL employees and multiple contractors across several sites.

The engineering expertise and process infrastructure that McLaren delivers with Enterprise Engineer will provide a good functional match for the Horizon project requirements. CNRL evaluated several options, including in-house customization of existing ECM systems and out-sourced systems, but the easy-to-use interface, deployment timescales, the close match to the Horizon document management requirements and the integration with the current document management system made McLaren Enterprise Engineer the most relevant solution.

The project team will manage and maintain millions of engineering and project documents using Enterprise Engineer, deployed on the Documentum 5 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform. The implementation will use the full suite of Enterprise Engineer applications, including Drawing Manager, Transmittals Manager, Business Action Manager, DocLoader, Solo, VueServer and RenderCenter.

"Our extensive engineering document management experience and the pre-defined processes and structure that our software offers out-of-the-box proved compelling yet again when evaluated against other alternatives," commented Paul Muir, CEO, McLaren Software. "Large scale projects with multiple sub-contractors require a robust document management system to help ensure project milestones are met and budgets do not overrun."

The Horizon Oil Sands Project will provide one of the most significant energy resources in North America. At full production, it will supply around 232,000 barrels per day of crude oil for a period of more than 40 years, which equates to more than eight percent of all the oil produced each day in Canada. It involves an $8 billion capital investment and at full capacity, in 2012, will employ more than 2,400 people.