Oseberg Re-starts Following Oil and Gas Leak

Production on the Oseberg Field Center, which had been closed down on Saturday because of an oil and gas leakage, was re-started on Monday. The leakage occurred on Oseberg A at 13:00 hrs on Saturday and was quickly stopped. All emergency and security routines functioned as planned and no persons were injured in the incident.

The necessary repair work to Oseberg A was carried out during the weekend, enabling production to be re-started.

During Saturday's emergency, the emergency crew was mobilized in accordance with the emergency plan. Shortly afterwards, however, demobilization procedures could be implemented for the 239 persons currently on the Field Center.

Minor oil discharges only resulted from the incident and weather conditions in the area were favourable. The incident will now be investigated internally.

The Oseberg Field Center consists of the Oseberg A, B and D platforms that are linked together by bridges in the southern part of the field.

Oseberg A is a concrete platform with process equipment, an injection module and living quarters, while the Oseberg B platform sits atop a steel jacket and equipped with equipment for drilling and the production of oil and gas. Oseberg D is also a steel platform, with gas processing and export equipment. It was connected to the Field Center by a bridge in spring 1999.

License partners are Norsk Hydro as operator with 34%; ConocoPhillips with 2.40%; ExxonMobil with 4.70%; total with 10%; Statoil with 15.30% and Petoro with 33.60%.

The Oseberg Field is located in Block 30/6 and 30/9 approximately 130 kilometers northwest of Bergen in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.